WoW Guild Charter Announced
08 Apr 2005 : 12:44  by Jarod
Fatal Shadows WoW Guild Charter

By applying to the guild you accept these rules ('sign the charter'). Officers may warn you if you act against these rules. Officers will reject you from the guild if you receive three warnings or violate one of the general rules.

1 - Do not cheat
2 - Do not abuse game bugs ('exploits')
3 - Treat all other players with respect

Appendix to general rules.

- You are allowed to use modifications ('addons').
- The addons used must not be against the Blizzard rules of conduction.
- If you use addons or 3rd party tools that fully automate ingame processes or give you an extraordinary advantage over other players or the game, you are cheating.
- If you hack the game client or the server data, you are cheating.
- If you are unsure whether an addon may be forbidden, ask an officer.

- Possible exploits maybe: cloning of items or money, lag related issues, work-around a quest etc.
- If you are unsure whether something is an exploit, don't use it or ask an officer.

- Always treat guild members respectfully.
- Personal problems do occur. /ignore the person you don't like and/or contact an officer. They will help you out and solve the issue swiftly.
- Do not swear unneccessarily in guild chat. You may let off steam, but don't stress it.
- We DO roleplay. You may act in character, and you may be mean to your enemies or the opposing faction.
- However, you may not insult, grief or harrass any other player on purpose for personal enjoyment.
- Seperate your roleplay from your everyday you. In doubt, /tell the person that might feel offended.
- When you feel bad, think about not logging in for once or try another server. Or remain quiet, close guild chat, whatever. Everybody has a bad day (or month, or worse) now and then. Don't make the guild suffer, they are (usually) not to blame.
- People may have different opinions. Accept it.

- Guild chat may be used for out of character talk as well as in character chat.
- You should stay in character in spatial (world) chat.
- Do not /yell the whole server if you want to buy a melon. Don't spam.

- We accept members from all Alliance factions.
- Your real age must be at least sixteen.
- You must be able to understand and answer english questions.
- You should register at [link]. The forums are the heart of the guild. You should post a 'hello world' so we get to know you.
- All new members start at the rank of Initiate.
- FS members who have proven themselves in other games will be granted Member status upon joining.
- To gain Member status, you have to register at the forums (see above) and actively take part in the everyday's guild life.
- To gain Veteran status, you have to serve at least 4 months as a member of the guild. You have to actively participate in guild events, the forum discussions and be approved by an officer.
- Only Veterans can gain Officer status. They have to be approved by all Officers and the guild leader.
- Secondary characters (alts) start at the rank of Initiate. Alts can only reach Member status (or higher) when they reach level 25.
- You can buy a guild tabard from any tabard dealer throughout the game world.

- We use the 'round robin' loot system.
- Only roll for what you really need.
- Roll for chests (/random 100). Only loot from the chest what you really need.
- Finish all fights before you loot.
- Share quest item loots in a fair manner. Use a round robin system on 'lootable by all' items.
- Protect the group. Protect healers/rezzers first. Don't run away in instances, it's futile.
- Do not pull random mobs. Switch on your brain before running around wildly.

- Guild members are usually very helpful. That does not mean that there will always be help with every quest. Try an easier one first, when no-one is free.
- Ask if anyone wants to go and do that 'dangerous elite instance' with you. Do so on the forum, and name a date and time. Consider though, we are all humans (most parts, anyway). You may be disappointed when no-one turns up. That doesn't mean that everybody hates you. Well, not neccessarily. The more people YOU help out, the more will help you out in return (hopefully).
- If you feel left out, contact an officer with your concerns. Do that BEFORE you freak out, quit the guild, insult people or commit suicide.

- You may get involved in PvP action.
- Keep your honour in combat at all times, i.e. do not grief low level players on purpose.
- When PvP'ing players take on a higher profile and are more noticable. Remember this and act accordingly.
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