Paladin Suicide Clip

 Jarod    07 Jun 2005 : 00:00
 None    World Of Warcraft

Low-Q WMV, 41sec, app.

Low-Q WMV, 41sec, app. 2.6MB - Scandal: Giant Bug Kills Paladin

  • by moonpie in 17 Jun 2005 : 20:32
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    bug i thought you was on rollerskates??. i was just about to ask where you got them from.
  • by Jarod in 07 Jun 2005 : 09:36
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    Location: Karlsruhe, Germany
    i used fraps (, unregistered it adds a watermark and records 30 secs only though.

  • by Static in 07 Jun 2005 : 09:12
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    Location: Huddersfield
    Ah the old stuck legs bug... linked to the older harvesting bug. Hard to beleive they still havnt fixed it ...on second thought, no it isnt smile

    I too would like to know how the clip was recorded.
  • by Telengo in 07 Jun 2005 : 07:45
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    Location: UK
    I was concerned by your legs lack of movement! That also happened to me, get your own back in about 20 levels time when you can go and squish him. smile

    PS what software to do the video shoots? We should all do some to see the different styles of play.
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KNYSBART 2 days ago
Happy birthday nim! smile

Jarod 6 days ago
Alright I'm switching games too often. After repeatedly running myself over with _my own_ car on PUBG I am now messing up random teams in R6: Siege. And I finished Subnautica, which I wholeheartedly recommend for just *anyone*... because it rocks.

-B-N- 1 month ago
I play a bit of PUBG, not very good mind smile

Static 1 month ago
Can't say I've tried them. Having said that, I could hardly be classed as 'active' on any game recently. Too much writing to do smile

Jarod 1 month ago
Btw, anybody else active in World of Warplanes or PUBG / Fortnite by any chance?

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