Poll about our next guildmeeting!

 KNYSBART    22 Mar 2006 : 17:37
 None    World Of Warcraft

Ok, this is only intersting for members of our WOW-Section!

Ok, this is only intersting for members of our WOW-Section!

The Command-Staff wants to organize a guildmeeting in the next weeks, and so we want to know what the best-fitting day would be!

So go and click your favorit one here now!

Greetings, Brizzl

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KNYSBART 2 days ago
Happy birthday nim! smile

Jarod 6 days ago
Alright I'm switching games too often. After repeatedly running myself over with _my own_ car on PUBG I am now messing up random teams in R6: Siege. And I finished Subnautica, which I wholeheartedly recommend for just *anyone*... because it rocks.

-B-N- 1 month ago
I play a bit of PUBG, not very good mind smile

Static 1 month ago
Can't say I've tried them. Having said that, I could hardly be classed as 'active' on any game recently. Too much writing to do smile

Jarod 1 month ago
Btw, anybody else active in World of Warplanes or PUBG / Fortnite by any chance?

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